Pay As You Go,Legal Services, No Hidden Fees, No Hourly Rate

PAYGO provides legal services under a limited scope retainer


A limited scope retainer is an affordable option for people who don’t qualify for legal aid, can’t afford a paralegal for their entire matter, or might otherwise choose to represent themselves.

Under a limited scope retainer, also known as an “unbundling” agreement or (LSR), a paralegal or lawyer provides legal services for part, but not all, of a client’s legal matter, by agreement with the client.

Limited scope retainers, or unbundling are a viable option and provide a better access to justice to the public.

Limited scope representation does not mean less competent or lower quality legal services.

Our goal is to achieve a justice system that fits in with what Ontarians need and want. Let’s look at the big picture to come up with solutions that are based on individuals’ and family needs. One important part is to look at new way of delivering legal services.

  • No hourly rates or hidden fees
  • Pay as you go legal plan
  • Send and receive documents online
  • No office visit required

*PAYGO  limited scope retainers are limited to paralegal services pertaining to small claims court and landlord and tenant matters.